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About Us
For over 39 years, Hoss Homes has been building state-of-the-art custom homes in Central Indiana—that’s nearly four decades spent perfecting the art of custom homebuilding.

What sets us apart from other Indianapolis Home Builders? Naturally, our knowledge comes with experience. A unique approach to custom homebuilding, a fine attention to detail and a firm belief in standing behind what we build are the founding elements of every Hoss home.

Here at Hoss Homes, we are known for our quality work. We use the methods and materials that have been proven to last. We engineer to the application, not just to code. We apply products and practices not by force of habit, but where they’re best for your home.

We understand that providing quality is more than just a day job. It is a commitment to having things done right—not only on move-in day, but for years to come.

We invite you to look around and see for yourself how we continue to build our reputation one home at a time.

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Perfecting The Art of Custom Home Building